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Photo of the week


By default, as this is the only photo I took during the week that I would post. Most of the other photos that I took were of my brainstorming sessions on my whiteboard (at the office). I did take a couple of food pics during the week but, on second viewing, decided they’re not worth posting.

Five things for the week

  1. I'm sitting outside, in my backyard, as I write this. It's so nice out (low seventies, barely any humidity). The outdoors really helps me clear my mind. Most of today will be in my backyard; I'm looking forward to grilling dinner too.
  2. I want (don't need) another laptop. My mid-2014 Macbook pro is the best laptop that I have ever used, and I plan to use this until it no longer boots up. But, I'm intrigued by some of the others on the market, like the Surface laptop, Dell XPS 13", and a few others. Since upgrading the desktop PC with a SSD drive, I find that I have been using that a lot more often, too. I think I just like having a lot of different options to get things done.
  3. Weekly mantra: photograph more, write more, read more, be well.
  4. Cold brew > hot brew. I am becoming more aware of different things and how they affect my mind and body. Most of my observations are just me being very truthful and real with myself in how different foods have different effects. Coffee is my most recent. Hot brew is familiar and comforting (in giving me a routine) but, I feel more anxious and have more trouble focusing. And the acidity does not bode well for my stomach. Cold brew? I feel calmer and more focused, and the low acidity makes it much more enjoyable for me throughout the day. 4a. I'm also more aware of how alcohol affect me, specifically in the quality of sleep that I am getting. This week, I am starting to refrain during the weekdays to begin testing this.
  5. Work is busy and stressful. It's chaotic, at times overly dramatic. There are some things that need to change in order to make things better. Some are directly within my control, others not so much. But I have resolved to improve those things under my direct control as well as try asserting stronger influence in helping to make other things better.

Recently read:

  • I Call Upon Thee, by Ania Ahlborn - not my favorite of her works (I loved Brother and The Bird Eater) but, overall I enjoy her books.
  • We're All Damaged, by Matthew Norman - a really fun read. I enjoyed every page and laughed throughout.
  • Domestic Violets, by Matthew Norman - I started it immediately after We're All Damaged. This one has a little more serious tone, slightly darker, but nonetheless funny and touching.

Recently watched:

  • Wonder Woman (2017): Overall, I liked it. I don't expect much from superhero movies (not my favorite genre) but, this was entertaining. I was bothered by what I felt was a clichéd and forced love story, and I really wanted more Robin Wright in it.
  • Parks and Recreation: my wife and I are working our way through the series again. It's nice because there are times when I catch some things (jokes) that I don't remember the first time around. This series is better than I first gave it credit for.
//I'm trying out a new weekly format, more to keep track of the things I have read and watched. It's also a format that, I hope, will evolve as I look to put together a weekly email newsletter.

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