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Five things for the week

they like the purple ones

  1. I had planned to begin my weekly e-newsletter by now (September). Things got too busy and I just didn't have the time to do the initial setup. Perhaps I'll table it to begin at the start of 2018? Gives me more time to work on formatting and content (think it through some more).
  2. This long weekend (wife and I took a few days before and after the three days) was telling. The thing I have done the most? Sleep. Our minds needed rest. We zoned out all of yesterday (Sunday). All this to say, I need to do a better job at listening to y mind and body, and taking better care of both.
  3. I have non-work projects that I want to work on... I have done a horrible job at writing them down, let alone pursuing them. Here's the beginning of doing both better. That notebook is going to get busy.
  4. Here's to also cutting out the noise.
  5. Travel is picking up later this month... looking forward to it but, more so, I'm looking forward to getting things done. I'm in my forties and there are hundreds of things that I want to accomplish... time to get crackin.

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