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Hearing/reading news about Nabra has me shaken. Sure, part of it is because she was from Reston, the first east coast town we lived in when we made our big move. Sure, part of it is because it happened in Fairfax County, a county I currently live in (and am beginning to love). But, mostly because her murder is senseless, cowardly, and horrible. There are too many stories out there like this. Too many.

Put this against a backdrop of the recent London attacks (another one last night!), another police murder of a black person, and the Philando Castile verdict… and I’m mad. So much fear and ignorance and people making assumptions and not listening to each other. I’m disheartened because it feels like we, as humans, are taking giant steps backwards in our evolution. I’m irritated because our “leaders” aren’t leading.

All this to say, I’m going to take care of what I can. I’m going to do what I can, practice kindness and understanding. Allow empathy and compassion. Act in civil and peaceful ways to get stuff done.

Be good humans.


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