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Read: The Devil Crept In, by Ania Ahlborn

Somewhere, somehow, I obtained a free copy of The Bird Eater for my Kindle. Honestly. I cannot remember how nor why. Horror is not my genre. Thrillers aren’t my cup of tea, either. It’s not that I actively avoid stories from either, it’s just that I don’t go seeking them out.

From that first book, I became hooked on Ania Ahlborn’s stories. I’m not sure what calls to me. Perhaps it’s the style, perhaps it’s how most of them really count on your imagination to finish the stories (which I enjoy doing), and perhaps it’s just that secretly, I love the horror genre. Or, a combination of all three?

I just completed The Devil Crept In, by Ania Ahlborn. I immediately moved it to the top of my reading list (to be started after I completed The Eagle Tree), as I often do when her books are released. It’s worth the read. It wasn’t my favorite but, it wasn’t anything to ignore, either. Fun, scary stuff.

*My favorites (so far) are The Bird Eater and Brother.

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