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Five things for the week

First real snow this winter

  1. I gave up on my Photo 365. I gave up for the same reasons that I have given up on all of my previous attempts: this project just isn't for me. This is not how I photograph, nor how I enjoy photography. That is what I need to get back to; identifying and following through with how I enjoy photography. If you go back through the blog and photostreams, you will find many attempted Photo 365s. Many.
  2. Yesterday was the first snow of the season (first snow that actually stuck). It dropped about an inch all around; just enough to make it beautiful out there. It will still take some getting used to but, I really do like having four distinct seasons.
  3. Two more weeks until we move into our new place. Getting really excited. So many things I want to do around the house. Most of all, very excited to establish that kitchen as our own, and get cooking!
  4. This week is the first series of kickoff meetings to get this new platform developed and launched. This is why I took this job and made the move cross country. This is why I am hear, and this is what I enjoy.
  5. My wife is hella awesome.

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