Daily Prompt: Tempted

Moving to a rural location and living a much slower-paced life.

Minimizing my technology usage until I realize that I truly enjoy it all.

Smoking a cigarette while sipping a scotch/whiskey until I remind myself how unhealthy it is.

Quitting my job and becoming a full-time cook until I realize I only enjoy cooking for myself.

Quitting my job and becoming a farmer until I realize how much I hate manual labor.

Changing careers to become a high school teacher until I realize that… well, actually that is my backup plan.

Smacking people for doing stupid things until I realize that’s not the way to “adult”.

Traveling the world to as many countries as I possibly can until I realize I need more money.

So, in summary, I’m tempted to move to a farm in a remote area where I can live off the land, cook what I want from my own farm, tech high school technology courses at the local school, smack people without being charged for assault, and finish each day with a cigarette and a fifth of scotch. And somehow travel the world at the same time.

It’s possible(?).

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