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Daily Prompt: Interior

Resolutions and goals… most, this year, focus on the interior of my being…

Record scratch Whoa, that was horrible. Too much of a stretch for this daily prompt.

Ok, so what does “interior” really invoke in my thinking? When we close on our home, we will have about 2100 sq. feet to fill. There will be three bedrooms, a living room, a proper dining room, four bathrooms (two of which are half), and a fully finished basement/rec room. All of which will make up home.

Design magazines and blogs and catalogs give us wonderful ideas of how these rooms should/can look. They tell us what furniture to buy and the best placement of each piece. And then suggest decorations and knick-knacks to make it look.. well, magazine-photo worthy.

To simply fill this space with stuff is exactly where we would go wrong. For now, we simply want to move what we have into our new space. Then, slowly as we become familiar with the new place and how we actually use each room, we will begin setting up as suits… well, us.

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