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Daily Prompt: Hopeful

This is the first time I am writing using the Daily Prompt. Looking ahead to 2017, I am hopeful that the prompt will help me get into the habit of writing more often. I plan to write as much as possible, both online (publicly) and off (privately).

Yes, I have resolutions. I will not post them here. As we go into a new year, there are quite a few things that I am hopeful for:

  • I am hopeful for a new outlook and approach too my health and well being.
  • I am hopeful for moving into and establishing some roots in our new home (closing on Jan 16th!).
  • I am hopeful for the beginning of a new work project that will, if successful, have a very large, positive impact in how we utilize technology to run our programs.
There's a lot more that I am hopeful for, such as overall peace and prosperity. The well-being of friends and family. The overall success of any ventures that we all set out for.

Most of all, I’m hopeful for myself, my capabilities, my growth and education. Continuing on all of these fronts will ensure my success in everything else.

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