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Five things for the week

  1. Thursday was my two year work anniversary. Two years since I made the career choice that moved my wife and I from the west to the east coasts. I'll be reflecting on this a lot through this month.
  2. Needs more reflection (and perhaps a longer blog post): change... sometimes a collapse has to occur in order for the new to be built. That collapse is difficult. Extremely so. And not everyone survives it. Sometimes, even the builders themselves don't survive.
  3. I need to ground myself, again. Constant adjustment, actually. Just need to get my (wanted) routines running the way they should. Out of balance, out of whack.
  4. I can feel myself trying to "check out" for the remainder of the year but, obviously, this cannot happen. There is still so much that I need to complete both on the work and home fronts.
  5. Kate Tempest, "Ketamine for Breakfast".

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