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Five things for the week

  1. Tough week, last week. Even before Friday, I started to doubt why, what, how, and when of everything about my work. Really tough week. Still not recovered enough to want to go back (tomorrow) but, I will.
  2. I'm giving Asana and Instapaper another try. I remember loving the services but, for random (unrelated) reasons I started to drift away from them. Now, I've worked them back into my workflow and am finding that it's having an immediate (positive) impact.
  3. This Freakonomics episode, In Praise of Incrementalism, really spoke to me. I like being a "big picture" guy and, admittedly, have a hard time forcing myself to look at things in detailed increments. But, incrementalism is the key to seeing things through. I need to focus more on this.
  4. Focus on myself,
  5. Focus on my family.

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