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Five things for the week

  1. More potential medical issues are beginning to appear. Nothing serious but, still enough to have me begin worrying. It goes with the (aging) territory, right?
  2. Apple's update to the MacBook pro has be both confused, turned off, yet intrigued. I still wonder where they are going in their overall product line direction. But, what they're coming out with is anything but appealing to me. Not worth the upgrade; my current (Mid-2014) MBP is the laptop sweet spot for me.
  3. Giving the Surface Pro another try (for work) but, I'm already seeing why I reverted back to a proper laptop. The docking and display issues are just too much for me to wrestle with. I need something that can dock a lot more seamlessly when I move from location to location. A big part of this is the screen/monitor resolution of where I'm docking to but, It's not enough for me to spend money to change those out.
  4. Get healthy.
  5. I'm completely hooked on Black Mirror. It's one of my favorite things on TV right now.

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