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Five things for the week

  1. As I'm writing this, it's "update Sunday".Running OS software updates on iPad, iPhone, PC, iMac, firmware updates on the XT1, X100T, and a few lenses. Also, running individual software updates programs.
  2. Also, it's "sports Sunday". I have soccer, football, and baseball streaming on different screens. Ah, technology.
  3. Regina Spektor's "Older and Taller".
  4. The beginning part of the week was spent working with colleagues in Iowa... lots of work accomplished, and a lot more for them to follow up on. I wrote a lot of notes to make my next visit (to my next Program) easier. I just need time to organize and digest those notes.
  5. Setting up regular grocery orders (online), for either delivery or pickup, has helped us make good strides in eating/cooking at home more often. It takes a lot of the decision and guesswork out of shopping, making it automatic. Simple.

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