Nostalgic Gaming

I purchased a New Nintendo 3DSXL. What lead to this? I discovered that “Zelda: A Link to the Past” was available to download (and play) through the Nintendo Store. And, it just so happens that I absolutely love that game. It’s probably my favorite game from childhood.

Gaming nostalgia… I’ve been into it a lot, lately. On my PC I usually play “Rise of Nations”, “Age of Empires III”, and “Starcraft”. I recently purchased “Homeworld”, another one of my favorites. I haven’t had a chance to play it yet.

On the 3DSXL, I also downloaded “Shovel Knight” and “Earthbound” because, well… they’re awesome.

There are some fantastic games available on Xbox and Playstation but I always find myself drifting back to this “nostalgic” gaming trend; playing games that I know I will enjoy. It doesn’t always work. Some games just don’t hold up. I hate playing outdated sports games, opting to play new releases like Fifa ‘16.

And lately, I tend to drift back towards Nintendo based franchises… definitely a throwback to my childhood.