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This world of IT

It’s weird when I think about it. I have accounts on Github and Stack Overflow. I’m learning to program in Java (as part of a "fundamentals in software development" course). I’m forcing my brain to get more “technical”, and working to sharpen my analytical and logical perspectives and approaches.

And details… I’m forcing myself to get into details. They matter.

It’s not what I imagined doing when I first set out to figure out my career path. I always envisioned myself more on the business management side of things (people, processes).

Now, I get to combine that with the technical side. It’s a new realm for me but, it’s both challenging and rewarding. I love being a part of an industry that covers so much and, at the same time, is evolving at a very rapid pace.

Recommended Links: If there’s a single great example of someone using their negative experience to do good, it’s her: Monica Lewinsky: “The Shame Sticks to you Like Tar”. With the tremendous amount of notoriety and negativity that comes with it, I would never be able to exist outside of my home. She is working her way back into the public life for very unselfish reasons.

We forget that superstar athletes/celebrity also face pressures that we will never understand. And, under that weight, they struggle (like us) to be their true selves. We’re so very quick to judge, and we’re so swayed by media reports (which are also based off of quick judgements) that we often forget a key human characteristic: empathy. The Secret History of Tiger Woods.

This brought back memories of my time working in a printshop: The Process of Making Printing Ink is Wonderfully Mesmerizing.

As one commenter put it, “come for the puppet, stay for the music”: Chops Sawyer

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