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Five things for today

  1. People pushing and shoving to board trains and rush to the open seats. Getting poked by umbrellas because people aren't paying attention, mostly because they're staring at their phone screens while trying to walk to their destinations. Stand to the side and watch how ridiculous that is; people look like they're drunk because they cannot walk in straight lines and keep running into other people/things. But, when all is said and done, the commute still beats the LA freeways. Though, I feel sorry for the next person that pokes me with their umbrella because I'm going to rip that thing out of their hands and throw it into the middle of the street. You wouldn't think it would be difficult for an adult to use an umbrella. I'm pro mobile device and tech but I'm also pro paying attention to where you walk. (Though I really really enjoy watching people walk into things.)
  2. New phone today! The bigger screen (iPhone 6s+) and better battery life is already awesome. Definitely will pay off during travel. Don't think I have to take my tablet any more. Yay for one less device in my bag!
  3. My new hire backed out, before her start date, for personal reasons. I could tell that she really didn't want to. It sucks but is totally understandable. Sometimes, family truly comes before everything else. I admire her sacrifice.
  4. Every Wednesday, there's a Farmer's Market at Reston Station. I have to walk through it from the train to the bus. While doing so, today, I accidentally made eye contact with the empanada guy, which (obviously) is an automatic commitment to buying at least one empanada. So, I obliged. And it was good. Because seriously.... empanadas! Meat! Potatoes! Other spices! Pastry! Baked!
  5. Less coffee, more water. That's my rule for the rest of the week.

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