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Five things for today

  1. Rough day… the morning was nice and mellow but, as soon as I got back from lunch, it got 5,000 different kinds of crazy. Still trying to figure out where the afternoon went.

  2. I really think it’s time we all end our culture of considering “number of emails” and “hours worked” as a badge of honor.

  3. The hypocrisy: I work a lot. Probably a lot more than I really need to.

  4. More and more I’m starting to see the same people on my commute to and from work. It’s an odd thing, seeing each other each morning (or evening) and not knowing each other’s names. And everyone burries themselves into their phone screens instead of reaching out to talk to one another. We all know we’re there. We all know we see each other almost every day. Why don’t we talk?

  5. I am such the epitome of “introverted” it’s not even funny.

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