Five things for today

Five things for today:

  1. I chose a more appropriate jacket for today. Much better.

  2. A crowded train is always a good place to have a phone conversation, on speakerphone… Not. Just, no.

  3. Remember the Bud Light campaign, “Real Men of Genius”? I’m going to start writing those about the different people on the train. “Here’s to you insanely ginormous neon green headphones guy…” and “Here’s to you trying too hard to impress that girl, college intern guy…” And “Here’s to you, falls all over the place even though you’re holding on to the railing guy…”

  4. I ate tacos for breakfast, lunch, and dinner today. Because #tacotuesday. And because I can. And it was glorious.

  5. Grateful… just, grateful.