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Five things for today

Five Things for Today
  1. Thinking about my SoCal friends, at the (hopefully) tail end of their heat wave, while I stand in 28 degrees waiting for the bus. The neighbors are using ice scrapers on their cars.
  2. Related: I did not choose an appropriate jacket for today.
  3. Work work work work work... busy but, I wouldn't have it any other way. Good stuff.
  4. You know why Californians are all about the avocados? Because they are awesome. An avocado, picked from a local tree and ripened on your counter is way better than the avocado spread/mix/substitute used around here. Avocado spread, "made with 10% real avocado" frankly, sucks. Also, east coasters, the "avocado" shouldn't be the color green that glows in the dark.
  5. Fully enjoyed listening to Note To Self's episode, "Even a Silent Phone Disconnects Us". Definitely makes me evaluate my mobile device usage, especially as I continue to work to further appreciate "being in the moment".

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