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Five things for today

Five things for today: 
  1. This morning, lady sitting next to me on the train was reading the bible and speaking some of the phrases out loud. For some reason, this made me more uncomfortable than the homeless guy, strike that, "hipster" sitting next to me on the bus. Sorry hipster dude, your artisan soap and gluten free deodorant aren't working.
  2. It's odd (and uncomfortable) to listen to a non-diverse group talk about diversity.
  3. Finished two essays on deadline. Seriously, *on* deadline. I hate deadlines. #school
  4. Was invited to tonight's Capitals game. Wasn't until later that I found out that it was in a fully catered suite. So fun.
  5. Work day wasn't as productive as I would have liked but, some of it was out of my control.  Meetings and distractions.

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