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Reston Station

There’s that thing… you know, that thing that tells you when you’re home. It’s not your actual home; that would be too obvious. No, this is thing that, when you see it, starts your mind and soul in motion. It triggers your brain into thinking “yes, I’m home”. You might start to feel home when you first enter your county, or not until you enter your city limits. Perhaps even more specific, like your own neighborhood or street.

Sometimes, it’s a tree on the corner that blooms yellow and purple in the Spring. Sometimes, it’s the sandwich shop in the strip mall plaza right off of the freeway. Sometimes it’s the giant water tower from the neighboring town, letting you know that in just a few more miles, you’ll be home.

I’ve had different landmarks throughout the years: the sign for the college zoo, the “south bay curve” on 405, the airport, the first glimpse (on a clear day) of Anacapa Island…

And now, this. It’s like a castle in the sky. A modern take on a Japanese fortress. A cube of glass yet, comforting. As the train slows past it, I gather my things. A few minutes later I’m on a bus, and a few minutes after that I’m walking up the path to my front door.


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