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Five things for today

Five things for today:
  1. I cleaned up and edited my reading list; it's now down to just over 200 books. So little time...
  2. Related: connecting with writers/authors over social media is great. I love that I can interact with writers I admire.
  3. This morning, the train hit a really rough part of the track. It felt like we were on the Universal Studios tram tour. I kept waiting for King Kong to appear through the windows.
    1. Yes, trains aren't supposed to have "rough parts" but this is WMATA
    2. Speaking of the train, my estimation is that this car is 30% less sticky than yesterdays car.
  4. I hired my first FTE today (my second staff at SOI, counting my part-time intern). I'm excited to see my team and our efforts grow, globally.
  5. I just discovered that there's a 240 page book called Tacos: Recipes and Provocations, by Alex Stupak. So many tacos, so little time...

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