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 An exaggeration, of course

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For the past eight weeks I have been using my iPad as a large screen calculator. Remember the Seinfeld episode where Jerry gifts his father with “The Wizard”, a device capable of many things yet his father only sees it as a tip calculator? That’s pretty much what my tablet has been relegated to; a calculator used to get me through my statistics course.

Yes, from the title, you have already gathered that this is an exaggeration. It has also been used to read a few stats books (trying to wrap my head around it all) and some technical manuals (for work).

I just love the ridiculousness of a $500+ device used for nothing more than a calculator.

The course itself wavers between difficult to easy. I understand the overall concepts of Statistics. I understand the theories in interpretation. I get lost when the problems throw a bunch of numbers and formulas at me and expect me to turn those into numbers and formulas that work with my understanding of the theories and interpretations. I’m not a numbers guy, really. I’m not.

Update: Just a few hours after drafting this post, I completed the course by taking and completing my final exam. Looks like I’ll move on with an “A” under my belt. I thought this (below) was an appropriate way to celebrate (turn it up to “11”).


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