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Waiting for the next Battlestar Galactica

It took me a little longer than most but, I did get into SyFy’s reboot of Battlestar Galactica. There were some episodes that were incredibly done, making them some of the best things I have ever seen on television.

I do love me some science fiction. 

And so, with each new series on the channel, I find myself hoping for a series I can really get into. But I have yet to find it. 

Enter, Ascension. Split into three episodes, I watched with an open mind. Can this be it? The first one had me hooked. The premise was intriguing, the characters beginning to develop nicely (not too forced), and the visuals were stunning. And there was enough of a plot twist to keep me hanging. Yes, I will watch the second one. 

More of the same in episode two. I began to actually like some of the characters, despite their shortcomings. The plot continued to develop nicely, though with some holes (which I figure to be natural, perhaps answered later). Ok, I’m hooked enough to watch the third episode…

WTF?!? What… why… I just… no. No! Wha? Grr…

If this develops into a full series, I’m not sure I will watch. It does have promise but, the ending was just… WTF?!?

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