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On chasing sunsets...


Layers of blue and yellow and orange stretch across the horizon, while deeply concentrated reds hover around that sinking star. I stare out the window, the airplane’s engines humming noisily in my right ear, watching the colors adjust their shades from light and pale to dark and over-saturated. And, as if unexpectedly, they disappear into the horizon. 

I reflect on the melancholy of the Billings winter landscape. Fresh layers of white force many to remain indoors, spending time with loved ones (or hated ones, depending on each family’s dynamic). Some venture out, whether to run necessary errands, because they love the winter, or simply to avoid the oncoming cabin fever. 

The last week has given me time to reflect on what has transgressed over the past year, and ponder what is in store for us over this next one. It’s quite a bit when thought of all at once. 

I refuse to make resolutions for the coming year. If I did, they’d sound eerily similar to those of these recent years. Instead, I will simply encourage myself to live the life that I want to live. 

Perhaps that’s the resolution itself? It’s just not something I need to wait until the start of a calendar year to do. It’s simply something I should be doing all along. 

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