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A weekend trip to help put things into perspective

First dance


Michelle and I were able to sneak away to Sebastopol, CA for a weekend, attending the wedding of one of her cousins. The ceremony and reception was held at Vine Hill House. The whole evening was perfect. Michelle summed it up best with, "This is so perfect, it feels like a movie wedding!". Indeed, it did. Very much so.

The night before the wedding, we enjoyed a great dinner at Zazu Kitchen and Farm. The chef/owner was so wonderful, even serving and bussing tables herself. The food and atmosphere was perfect. So simple and delicious.

With a little more than 15 hours on the road (driving up and back from Long Beach), I had a lot of time to think. There are questions that I still need to answer and there are actions that I have decided to take. And, I gave myself a deadline: by the end of the year. Rather than wait for the New Year, and using that opportunity to launch anything, I decided that the time is now.

While I don't mean to be so cryptic about it all, there are things that I want to keep to myself. All of the questions and actions have to do with personal development. Mainly, in the immediate, I want to take a much more simplified approach to my life. I don't see myself going the extreme minimalistic lifestyle but, I will be implementing much of the minimalist philosophies in everything from material possessions to how I eat to how I decide to spend my time.

The first step: start organizing.

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