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Late night thoughts on social media while my cat plays with her own tail, at my feet

What if I took the time and wrote a comment on everything instead of continually taking the “easy way out” by clicking “Like” or “Favorite”? What if I made that my own personal policy for every social network that I am on? 

After reading this, by Mat Honan and then, reading this, by Elan Morgan, I started to scrutinize my own social media accounts. This lead to re-evaluating contact lists, wavering back and forth on whether to continue posting or not, determining if I needed all new social accounts altogether, and hovering (many times) the mouse pointer over the “delete account” option. 

And, of course, the introvert in me wants to turn everything as private as possible, not post anything, and “lurk” by watching all of you post while I don’t comment, like, or favorite at all. 

I like the idea of doing that. 


But, as we all seem more and more reluctant to admit, the true lesson to be learned is simply: go outside more. Socialize, in person, with people. And, ensure that there are no LED screens in the vicinity. 

I like the idea of doing that. 


Oh, and in case you were wondering, my cat’s tail seems to have won whatever game they were playing. 

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