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"Let’s do 3 months. I’m sure you’re sick of me."

We both chuckled. Then sighed.

It could be worse (it could always be worse). I’ve seen the doctor every other week for the past few months. In all honesty I would like to say that it’s nothing too serious. But, that’s the reason why there are multiple visits; we’re trying to figure it out. Between trips to her office, the blood labs, the ultrasounds and MRI/MRA, I’ve seen and spent more on healthcare these past few months than I have in the past five years… combined.

And, for someone who abhors going to a doctor, of any kind, this has been nerve-wracking. To say the least.

She know’s I’ve been on edge. She’s been great about it, taking time to explain and answer any questions. Probably the best general physician that I’ve ever had. I definitely feel like a person versus a chart with a number, which is how I felt with every other doctor.

So, after scheduling my next appointment (three months from now), I thanked her. And, though things still need to be identified and figured out, I am thankful.

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