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Checking in from stay-cation (I hate that term)

14360094908_8c756578e7_mJust checking in during my vacation (stay-cation, really). Am I enjoying myself? Sure. This isn’t necessarily how I wanted to spend my week off but, I am working to make the best of it. I really wanted to escape and disappear. Perhaps next time.

Playing (local) tourist does have its advantages. We’ve been showing the brother in law all of the sights and sounds of the South Bay. It forces us to get out and spend time at attractions near home. I keep forgetting about the Korean Bell of Friendship, in San Pedro. This time, visiting had a different meaning to me, reminding me very much of my time in Korea last year.

I’m also spending time reading and photographing. Love the increased reading. Frustrated with the photography. I’d like to blame the camera but, realistically, it’s me. I need to get back into the groove.

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