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The 37th year

12703457074_372903a1b2_mThe answer to the previous post is a resounding “No!”

The 37th year of my life begins today, and with it comes a new project. And, as many times as I’ve started and stopped a Project 365, this is the year I am determined to see it through. Titled “37 265” the hope is to chronicle this coming year with at least one photo per day. Will it be riveting? Will it be interesting? Will it be filled with fantastic photography? The answer is a resounding “No!”. That said, you can view the album here, on Flickr. Or follow along on Instagram.

I’ve given a lot of thought to my life and the changes I would like to make. Everything points to keeping my life simple, uncomplicated, and moving forward. And so, each goal that I’ve set is based on at least one of those three criteria.

And yes, there will be more photography. Onward!

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