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Friday randomness

Warm ups

After going all week without coffee*, I made a pot this morning. It was a surprisingly, and unintentionally, weak pot of coffee. I'm not sure how/why I did that. Perhaps it was done subconsciously?

The 2014 LA Galaxy schedule is really strange, with very few home games the first part of the season. It felt really good to be at the game on Wednesday and, I'm really looking forward to Sunday's game. It's good to have the team home.

Six different people, on at least six different occasions, have talked to me about stress, recently. Two of them are family members. Two are coworkers. Two are medical professionals. Perhaps they're trying to tell me something? I really wish I could figure out what... Kidding, of course. I need to take some measures to address it. This is a much longer post (some other time) but, I'm beginning to realize how high my stress levels have been for the past seven years. Pretty dang high. And, I'm realizing how bad it was to ignore it for that long. Not just on the physical health side but, emotional health as well.

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I'm finding myself increasingly fascinated with grizzly bears. I don't have any explanation for that. Strange, I know.

* I'm drinking a lot of green tea now, both in the mornings and the afternoons. I just feel better when I'm drinking tea. I love the taste of coffee but, I can't ignore how much better I feel when I don't drink it.

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