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The return of the Sunday Musing

I suppose the reason I’m failing in keeping my blog updated is because I’ve fallen away from my routines. Writing used to be a large part of my routine; I worked on poetry, short stories, countless starts to novels, and a daily journal. And now? The only writing that I do on a regular basis is work-related. Bad. Just, bad.

This is where I write a paragraph about how I’m going to work my way back into the routine (not unlike previous posts and paragraphs that stated more of the same). This supposed paragraph also carries undertones of how my self-improvement and adjustments to improve my quality of life are of the utmost importance as I move forward.

A few weeks ago my mom pointed out that I’m still living as if I’m in my twenties. It’s true, which explains my personal frustration each time I realize I’m no longer in my twenties. Yes, there are times I wish for that time machine.

Moving on…

This week, I’m sharing some things that I have really come to enjoy: email newsletters. What?!? I thought the whole point was to reduce the number of emails so that one isn’t bogged down with junk? Yes, but these are not company newsletters. Check them out.

Doug Belshaw’s “Things I learned this Week” (Hat tip to Marya for pointing this one out): a quick, weekly update of the things he’s seen over the week, ranging from articles and blog posts to helpful tips and interesting internet finds. A nice collection that, like Marya, I find myself looking forward to.

The Listserve is a daily email, sent from members of The Listserve. Winners (by lottery) have an opportunity to write/share anything they want to the other 25k members. Some of them are repetitive, life-advice type subjects. Others are shared personal stories. Others are expanded social experiments. It’s fun to be a part of it.

What if you had a chance to share one photo with a (growing) group of strangers? Similar to The Listserve, Photo YOLO allows members to share one photo with everyone on the subscribed list. There have been some gorgeous photos shared while others have shared very personal photos (family, friends, important moments). I enjoy the more intimate sharing approach, forcing one to select one photo and imagining what made the person select that one photo.


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