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How I'm spending my time off

My cat knows how to vacation

I'm on stay-cation for two weeks. And, while I waver between keeping some sort of routine and stationing myself on the couch for binge-watching sessions of old TV series on Netflix, I am  fully enjoying this commitment-less span of 2013.

Sure, there is a long list of things that I could be using this time to accomplish. I could be organizing, preparing, hobbying, traveling, blah blah blahing and the like. But, there's something so cathartic about being a complete blob while curtains are closed and the warmth of your TV's LCD screen captivates your attention for fourteen hours. And then, when you turn in for bed (binge-watching is a different kind of tired) for the next 10 hours, you exhale knowing, quite contently, that if you wanted to do the same thing again the following day, there is nothing to stop you.

So many times I have looked at my cat and envied her life. And now? I'm living that dream. Go, me!

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