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Four movies

We've been so incredibly busy, lately, that we haven't been able to keep up with movies. Yesterday, being the rare reprieve from our schedules, we sequestered ourselves to the couch and carried out a mini movie marathon.

Jack Reacher: Once I stopped myself from trying to compare this to the book, it was an okay movie. Tom Cruise bothers me so, I didn't like him in the role (even if he was miscast as 6'5" 250lbs Jack Reacher). I did like Rosamund Pike a lot; she was a good choice for Helen. I recommend that you read the book, One Shot. It's not the best in the series but, it is pretty good.

Silver Linings Playbook: I'm adding Jennifer Lawrence to my list of actress crushes (joining Amy Adams). Her performance was definitely Oscar-worthy. Decent story and acting, though (perhaps because of the hype) I was expecting more. Good to see Julia Styles, too.

Les Misérables: Incredible cinematography, acting, singing and overall performances. I've read the book twice, the first time being my Freshman Year in high school. It's always been one of my favorite stories.

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey: Meh. I didn't have high hopes but I did expect something more than what the movie was. Other than the novelty of seeing familiar characters, none were relatable. It was just a lot of walking montages with little action. Of course, the book is far better.

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