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Sunday musing: speed of life?

It’s a little crazy how quickly life can move sometimes. This past week was a perfect example of that.

Sunday, we listed our home for rent and began our home search (in Long Beach), in order to shorten our commute to the office. Once listed, the amount of phone calls and people viewing the place was... well, we received a really good response. Thankfully, we had a few renters to chose from.

Throughout the week, we searched and searched for someplace that we both liked, and could afford. While Long Beach isn't our first choice of cities to live in, it made the most sense. And there are really nice parts of the city that we would love to be in.

Today, it all came together. We met our tenants (and signed final contracts) and, we heard back from our prospective landlord that we were selected for the place that both of us wanted most.


In addition to that, we started to pack. I also attended a few meetings, for Connect-A-Kid, as we're gaining some pretty good momentum with our program development. And, you know, there's that day job that keeps me busy too.


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