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Sunday musing

I'm addicted to LA Galaxy games. I have no idea why it's taken so long for me to actually get to one in person but, I'm glad I did. It's one of my favorite sporting events to go to (ranks up there with going to Dodgers games). I'm seriously considering buying 2014 season tickets and scheduling my weekends to make sure I get to them.

In the interest of health, I’m working harder to do a better job with meal planning. This includes a lot of prep work over the weekend in order to be sure that meals, during the week, are easy to put together. Another adjustment is shopping for food more often, and buying less on each trip. This way we get more fresh fruits and vegetables while making sure they don’t go to waste. The refrigerator is slowly beginning to look like a walk-in fridge at a restaurant, with bowls and containers of already prepped ingredients at the ready.Related: I love restaurant supply stores.

We’ve listed our home for rent. We simply have to move closer to the office. The 126 mile round trip commute really subtracts from our quality of life, even if it is only a few times a week. As soon as we find a renter, we’ll be packing up and moving to Long Beach. And though I’m not entirely enthusiastic about living there, I can think of a lot worse places to live. I’m sure I’ll warm up to it when I find myself with 3 more hours in my day (not having to drive).

I’m reading and writing a lot more. They’re two of my favorite things to do which is why it boggles me that I stopped doing it for such a long time. I hope that, soon, I’ll be able to tell you that “I’m reading, writing, and photographing more”.

Coffee and tea: I love them both. I do notice that my body reacts better to tea so I drink that far more often than coffee. I think I only drink coffee for the taste.

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