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Sunday musing: do easier stuff?

I liked Stephen Colbert’s tweet (above). It made me actually laugh out loud when I read it

There are many "projects" that I'm working on. Many professional, many personal. The big difference between now and, let's say 5 years ago, is that I'm genuinely having fun with these current projects. I think a big part of it is that I am more "at peace" with myself, and where my life is right now.

I did have to admit that, in order to be successful with some of these things, I had to decide which other projects to let go. This is one of the reasons why I stepped down from my consulting work at Enstruct. As much as I loved helping them develop, it just wasn't my passion.

My professional focus is on Special Olympics Southern California. I've fully embraced it as my career, and am very happy with my role there. I've been given a lot of opportunities that I never thought I'd have. And, the level of trust and faith, from my colleagues and our senior leadership, in what I am doing? Well, that's something that I worked very hard to earn. I can't walk away from that.

My newest "passion project" is Connect-A-Kid. I first contacted them to find out more about becoming a mentor. The next thing I knew, Brian (the founder) and I were meeting over coffee and he was asking me to join his Board of Directors. About a week after that, Brian asked me to become his Chief Operations Officer. I enjoy it not only for the personal connection to the Connect-A-Kid mission but, I get to exercise my skills and creativity in helping to shape the organization structure and overall direction.

All great things.

Randomness on Social Media: I've (re)joined a few social media outlets to better keep in touch with friends around the world (still such a weird concept to me, that I have friends around the globe). I rejoined Instagram (user pgt77) because, apparently, it's still a very popular photo sharing site amongst friends. And I joined Kakao Talk (user ptail) to keep up with Korean and Korean adoptee friends.

Instagram doesn't really interest me. I don't like the filters and the square crop format. But, like I said, it's another way to keep up with everyone. It does, however, make me wonder why I stopped taking pictures of so many things I used to take pictures of.

On a similar note, I've begun to embrace Facebook. I've made it more "tolerable" in that I created more specific lists and groups, and only really participate in discussions with people that way. It's not a bad social media site when you can tune out all the rest of the garbage.

But, I have really embraced Google Plus. I do wish more people were on it but, I'm finding plenty of outlets and ways to interact and communicate through it. I love the interface and features. Hangouts have become especially useful for meetings and catching up with far away friends.

And, of course, I still love Twitter.

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