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A story about finding out...

Writer, and fellow adoptee, Matthew Salesses is writing an online novel called This Is Not About #Adoption. It's "A book about finding out...".

I've been keeping up with it, and admire his brutal honesty while writing about emotions being an adoptee, spending time in Korea, and his family dynamics.

Much of it really resonates with me, such as this excerpt:

You can see how a constant issue is not knowing what is about adoption and what is not.

And this one

I am not sure whether this is about adoption.

I am not sure whether my adoption had anything to do with falling in love with my wise, strong-willed, fiercely Korean wife.

I am sure, however, that adoption is behind the enormous fear I have of parenting, of having any negative effect on my daughter’s life.

And this one

It is a particularly fraught position for me as an adoptee, to be constantly between sides, to defend America on the one hand and Korea on the other, simply because I can never feel allied with the person I am with, as a Korean or as an American.

Matthew also has a couple novels published, one just released a few weeks ago called I'm Not Saying, I'm Just Saying. I can already tell you that it's one of my favorite reads of 2013.

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