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Sunday musings… a few days later

I dropped the ball on the blogging thing, as you can tell. No excuses. But, please humor me by reading on and pretending that you've been following this blog for years. And, like Time Warner Cable, let's just pretend that the disruption in service never actually happened. All good? Yep? Alrighty then…

I thought 2012 was a big year (professionally) until I started to lay out my goals and objectives for this year. Wow, it's going to be all kinds of busy as I work with my team to develop all kinds of awesomeness. I can't wait to get started… oh, it's March? Better get going then.

My wife and I have decided that we need to move. The one way commute form home to office is 63 miles. Too much. Especially with all of the things we're involved in. I know we've gone back and forth on moving, and even our bosses encouraged us we'd be okay if we stayed put (allowing us to work form home most of the week), it just doesn't make sense.

A big part of us not moving sooner is my "block" on moving. I really don't want to but, realistically, have to come to terms with it. It just makes too much sense.

I resigned from Enstruct. I loved contributing and helping them move forward but with the addition of my role at Connect-A-Kid, and increased responsibilities with the day job, something had to give.

Yes, I switched blogging platforms (again). While Squarespace was great, it was more than I needed. So I find myself coming full circle back to Wordpress.

My renewed love for soccer is evolving into an obsession. I'm turning into a LA Galaxy fanatic. We attended the home opener, last Sunday, and had a blast. So far, we have tickets to six more home games. I'm thinking season tickets for 2014.

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