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What about your wife?

One of the advantages of working together is that my wife and I are able to share different experiences during the same Special Olympics events. Michelle oversees sports and competition for Special Olympics Southern California, and is traveling to Korea as part of Special Olympics Team USA, where she will oversee the Floor Hockey delegation (athletes and coaches). 

While I'm stuck in a room with a computer*, she gets to experience the "fun" part of the games: the competition. She leaves a day ahead of me, traveling with part of the team, to Seoul. Our schedules, while there, don't look like they'll match up at any point but, I'm sure we'll find a way to spend some time together. We'll be in different hotels, and different sports venues, for most of the Games. After the Games, she travels with SO Team USA back to Los Angeles while I "float" around Seoul a little longer. 

Michelle is no stranger to SO World Games experiences. She worked the 2007 SO World Summer Games (Shanghai) and the 2009 SO World Winter Games (Boise, ID). She has also worked the 2006 SO National Games (Ames, IA) and 2010 SO National Games (Lincoln, NE). 

I'm very proud of her and the work that she does for the athletes and coaches. It's her mission to ensure they have all of the support and resources they need to get through the Games. She also goes out of her way to ensure their experiences are safe and enjoyable. 

Michelle's reputation amongst our colleagues is stellar (to say the least). In fact, in most circles, I'm only known as "Michelle's husband", a moniker I'm proud to bear. 

* Let's face it, being stuck in a room with a computer is actually one of the few places where I thrive. Though it may seem like a punishment, for some, it's not all that bad for me. But, I really do enjoy being out and about, away from computers. No really, I do!

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