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Some things I learned from yesterday's hike

Yesterday, I joined a Flickr Meetup that began at the Chantry Flats Trailhead, in the mountains above Pasadena/Sierra Madre. We followed the Gabrieleno Trail, for just over 2 miles, until we reached Sturtevant Falls. It was a fairly brisk, cloudy morning. Perfect for photography. The trail follows the Santa Anita Wash, which provided serene sounds of a creek as we trekked through. Gorgeous hike.

Some things I learned from yesterdays hike:

  • Never underestimate the awesomeness that is meeting new people and listening to their stories.
  • Man alive, I'm out of shape.
  • I love watching other photographers' creative process.
  • According to my Fitbit, I climbed 86 floors (equivalent to the Transamerica Pyramid). If that's true, that's pretty cool. But, man alive, I'm out of shape.
  • I need to get out a lot more; there's too much beauty around here (greater Los Angeles) that I take for granted.
  • Kids, don't smoke. Because, even after you quit, you'll pay for it every time you attempt to do any kind of exercise. Especially in higher altitudes.
  • When attempting to cross a creek, don't fall in.
  • If you fall in, make sure your shoes are waterproof.
  • If your shoes are not waterproof, HAHAHAHAHAHA!
  • Rocks, in a creek, can be slippery.
  • A walking stick would have been helpful.

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