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a Sunday musing, 6/3

I keep telling myself to simplify. Even though I understand what it means to simplify, I don't think I know quite how to apply the philosophy to my everyday life. I do know that it is a philosophy that I do want to apply. It's something that I believe that I need if I want to continue on the path I have begun to set for myself. 
If a natural disaster occurred at this very moment, how would I react? What objects, if any, would I grab with hopes of saving? What would I, without a doubt, reacquire in the recovery process long after the disaster occurred? 
I look around the room and I know. My understanding of what is important is changing before my eyes. The people that I hold important, the objects in my possession, aspects of my lifestyle that I would change, all coming into a much clearer picture. A more simple picture. 
No longer waiting for that "natural disaster" to occur. Now is the time to begin making those changes. Now is the time to simplify, truly. 

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