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Taking steps forward

There was a lot of work put into this project. The amount of meetings (to get various parties on board with what we are about to embark on), with the amount of research and planning required, took up my whole month of April. Writing the grant is just the first step. When* we get the grant award, I expect a whirlwind of activity over the course of the next year. And, like I've been telling everyone, if we do this (implementation) correctly, our Programs will not look the same when we look back a few years from now. All for the better.
In the meantime, knowing the insanely busy professional road I'm about to travel, it's become even more important that I find creative and recreational outlets. I'm forcing myself to make more time for hiking, cycling, photography, and travel. I'm even working to allow myself more time for reading and writing.
The main focus (pun intended) is on my photography. I'm taking the hobby back to where I am most comfortable with it, as a hobby. I won't be taking freelance jobs for a while, nor updating a professional website. I'll be shooting for myself (and an occasional friend/family). That's where I enjoy photography most and that's exactly what I want to get back to.
Incidentally, I am enjoying the site A Lessor Photographer. Written by @Cj Chilvers, his manifesto has helped steer me towards a much more simple approach, allowing for a greater appreciation of photography as a whole.
* I say "when" because I'm positive that we will be awarded the funds. Positive thinking.

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