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Some mid-week randomness

It looks like I'll have to postpone my #31Tacos project originally planned for May. Some recurring health issues can be blamed for forcing me to adjust some of my routines and overall diet for the next few months. It's nothing serious, just a slight change in course in the interest of long-term health.

Speaking of health, I'm very inspired by so many of my friends who are taking their health more seriously lately. They're working on all aspects, from weight loss to lifestyle changes. It's nice, and especially motivating, when you work with a group that has similar goals. My main goal is lifestyle change in that I want to be more active. Hiking, cycling, walking, running (still undecided on this, but it intrigues me), and playing tennis again (I miss it).

The past 5 years were extremely difficult, yet eye-opening in that I will never, ever, take mobility for granted.I've retrained myself to (again) carry a camera with me everywhere I go. This means no more "kidding myself" by constantly justifying leaving the camera at home with "I can get by with the iPhone".

Yes, I can get by with the camera phone, but that is not the photographer I am. I need the actual camera; a separate device specifically for photography. Thankfully, the Fuji x10 is perfect for my everyday camera needs. It's not too big, heavy, nor cumbersome for daily use.

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